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Dr. Rogers is licensed to practice all areas of dentistry. The general dentist manages a patient’s overall treatment and is responsible for developing a treatment plan for each patient including the vital considerations the patient wants. Whether you’re a new patient or have been coming to Dr. Rogers for years, he and his team perform a complete dental exam to better assess your overall oral health, and to determine any factors that may contribute to or cause decay, gum or chewing problems.

Whatever treatment plan is recommended is always done with the goal of producing optimal oral health for your teeth, gums and supporting structures.
The recommended treatment plan will always require your own personal financial decisions in regard to your monthly dental budget.


Keeping Patients Informed And Educated

Dr. Rogers and his team encourage prevention of dental caries through careful patient education, proper hygiene (tooth brushing and flossing), fluoride and tooth polishing. Additionally, the use of dental sealants may be applied to one or more teeth to prevent cavities from occurring.

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